Lisa Holmes

Lisa D. Holmes

I’m a graphic designer by trade and a hiking fanatic by accident. Using the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree I earned at the Kansas City Art Institute, I’ve spent more than 20 years designing a successful career as an owner of Yulan Studio.

But my life changed when I moved to Oregon in 2007 and became obsessed with the beauty of the Pacific Northwest landscape. I have since spent much of my time hiking the trails of Oregon and Washington and taking photographs of everything I encountered. This website contains a trip report from every hike I’ve done since moving to Oregon.

Combining my photos, map and book design skills, and a desire to share my journey with others has led me to a new career of creating books about the landscape I love. I’ve self-published two hiking books so far, with more on the way.

I live and work in SE Portland with my husband, John Clark Vincent.