August 18, 2012

Bayocean Spit

Distance: 8 miles
Location: Tillamook Bay, Oregon

This hike is a loop on a peninsula separating the Pacific Ocean from Tillamook Bay. We started at the trail that cuts across the dunes from the parking lot to the beach. We walked along the beach for about 3-1/2 miles, then crossed the peninsula and the dunes to walk back along the Tillamook Bay. We stopped at a small cove with thousands of clam shells and driftwood. The rest of the hike is along an old road that runs along the bay and through a wooded area before returning to the parking lot.

Bayocean Spit has a strange history as a ghost town. In 1906, a Kansas City broker had a dream of building a west coast version of Atlantic City. Bayocean City eventually had many homes, a post office, bowling alley, machine shop, general store, trap shoot, bakery, and cafes, but it only lasted a short time before the ocean wiped away the city.

Read more about the history and hike: Hike The Coast’s Largest Lost City: A Trail Filled with Ocean and Wetland Fowl Though an Oregon Atlantis