Backpacking Gear Checklist (FREE download)

backpacking gear checklist

There are many approaches to backpacking gear checklists – and most contain extra gear that can weigh down a backpack. This is my minimalist approach to what I take on three-season trips.

A backpacking checklist should be based on the gear you use, so while I’m providing this list here, I encourage you to make your own list based on your actual gear.

Don’t forgot to review your checklist before you head out on a trip and you’ll be less likely to leave something important behind. I once forgot a spoon, and while that may not seem like a big deal, for every meal on a five day trip in the Olympics, I had to wait for my friends to finish eating so I could borrow their spoon. I’m not gifted at being able to carve a spoon from a stick, but I did learn how to use the pliers on my multi-tool as a makeshift eating utensil on more than one occasion. If only I’d remembered to check my list…

Backpacking Gear Checklist PDF

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