Best Backpacking Tents for One Person

If you are looking for a new backpacking tent for one person, these are the tents that I’ve used and recommend – including ultralight, budget, easiest setup, and most spacious options. 

Best Ultralight Tent for One Person

Tarptent Aeon Li backpacking tent

Tarptent Aeon Li – the Aeon Li is a single-wall trekking pole style tent made from Dyneema fabric that weighs just over 1 pound. I’ve used this tent for over four years and it’s my top choice when every ounce counts. Can be set up with one trekking pole and six stakes, or with an optional support pole instead of a trekking pole – which is how I most frequently use this tent.

  • weight: 1 lb 3 oz (or 1 lb 7 oz with optional support pole)
  • interior space: 30″ wide x 88″ long
  • floor area: 18.3 square feet
  • price: $569
  • My full review of the Aeon Li

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Easiest Setup One Person Tent

Tarptent Moment DW backpacking tent

Tarptent Moment DW – a double-wall tent made from durable 30 denier silnylon, the Moment has two doors and vestibules and only requires one pole and two stakes, making setup a breeze. Bonus: the inner is clipped to the rainfly so it stays dry during set up.

  • weight: 2 lbs 2 oz
  • interior space: 20″ at the head and foot ends, tapering to 42″ in the middle x 84″ long
  • floor area: 18.1 square feet
  • price: $299
  • My full review of the Moment DW

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Lightweight Budget Option for One Person

REI Flash Air 1 backpacking tent

REI Flash Air 1  – another single-wall trekking pole style tent, the Flash Air 1 is made from silicone-coated nylon fabric. The Flash Air 1 has more floor space than the Aeon Li and a similar setup, but costs far less – especially since REI branded products are frequently on sale for 30% off.

  • weight: 2 lbs 2 oz (includes support pole)
  • interior space: 35″ at the head, tapering to 27″ at the foot end x 88″ long
  • floor area: 18.9 square feet
  • price: $279
  • My full review of the Flash Air 1

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Lightest Double-Wall Two Person Tent for One

Big Agnes Tiger Wall 2 backpacking tent

Big Agnes Tiger Wall 2 – while this is a 2-person tent, it’s a very spacious and feature-rich option for one person. The Tiger Wall is semi-freestanding, and is one of the lightest double-wall 2 person tents available. With near vertical walls and generously-sized interior pockets, this is my top pick when I’ll be spending more time at camp.

  • weight: 2 lbs 8 oz
  • interior space: 52″ wide at the head end, tapering to 42″ at the foot end x 86″ long
  • floor area: 28 square feet
  • price: $450
  • Full review coming soon

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