How to Plan Backpacking Trips – PDF Guide

Get the most out of trips by tailoring plans to meet your needs and interests with the “How to Plan Backpacking Trips” PDF guide.

How to Plan Backpacking Trips – PDF Guide

How to Plan Backpacking Trips – PDF Guide
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I’ve used this method to plan over 70 backpacking trips throughout Oregon and Washington, and now I’m sharing my full process in this guide, including the following steps:

Set Trip Parameters: Learn how to plan the type of trip that fits your backpacking style – whether that’s a trip based on spending more time at camp, hiking to cover more miles, or a mix of both.

Determine Trip Location: Learn more about when areas in the Pacific Northwest are accessible for backpacking.

Permits, Regulations & Trail Conditions: When you are considering a backpacking destination, you’ll need to know whether passes and permits are required as well as any restrictions or regulations in place for specific areas.

Weather Forecasts & Current Conditions: Weather conditions, wildfires, and even insects can have a big impact on trip plans – sometimes necessitating the need for a backup plan to a different destination. The resources in this section will show you how to check conditions before heading out.

Planning Routes Using Maps: Maps are critical to have once you are on the trail, but they are also an essential part of trip planning. Learn more about map resources specifically for backpacking.

Documenting Trip Plans: Learn how to document a trip plan to communicate effectively with other trip members – and provide a detailed trip itinerary to leave with someone in case of an emergency.

Prep Gear & Food: Tailor your food/gear approach to multiple variables, including weather conditions, terrain, length of trip, and personal preferences.

Also included are links to useful resources in Oregon and Washington, a downloadable backpacking gear checklist, and a trip itinerary form with fillable fields.

How to Plan Backpacking Trips – PDF Guide

How to Plan Backpacking Trips – PDF Guide
Get 25% off the regular price of $14.95 with code: Plan-Backpacking-Trips-25

Buy the PDF Guide Now

What People Are Saying

“How to Plan Backpacking Trips” is an awesome guide for casual backpackers who are ready to up their game in planning better trips. There’s a ton of useful information to avoid all the hazards that people who try to wing it run into (heat, bugs, exhaustion, boredom, etc. etc.) It’s beautiful and easy to apply with helpful checklists and links to expanded topics. It’s an essential resource to ensure you have a great time.” ~ John H.

“In this easy to read, yet comprehensive guide, Lisa’s love for backpacking shines through as she helps us plan our next (or first ever!) backpacking experience. She provides lists and links that think of everything for us so we can confidently head out to adventure!” ~ Julie A.

“As a beginning backpacker, I love that Lisa’s guide walks through not only the ins and outs of trip planning, but also how to decide what kind of a trip you want, along with professional-worthy resources that are useful to any kind of walker—and inspiring photos!” ~ Klara F.

“This guide is a go-to resource for new and experienced backpackers and hikers. Lisa is spot on with her advice on planning and preparation. Plus don’t miss her gear recommendations for lightening your pack and for creature comforts.” ~ Robyn P.

“Lisa Holmes continues to publish hiking and backpacking information that is as relevant, and useful, as it is graphically beautiful. This planning guide is a culmination of years spent honing her skills as a professional graphic artist, custom map designing, her passion of hiking, backpacking, and sharing this love in her numerous blogs. Regardless of whether you’re new to backpacking or a seasoned adventurer, you’ll find tips and tricks, which will improve your trip planning.” ~ Lori B.

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