Review: One Bottle Hydration System

In order to stay hydrated while hiking, I like the ease of using a hydration hose so I can take frequent sips without stopping. The One Bottle Hydration System works with wide mouth Nalgene bottles that can be carried in the side pocket of a backpack.

Gear Review – One Bottle Hydration System

After initially using hydration bladders inside my backpack, I followed the lead of ultralight hikers and switched to disposable Smart Water bottles. I was looking to save weight and eliminate the hassle of filling the bladder on backpacking trips. I also liked how I could tell how much water I had left, unlike with the bladder in my pack. I stuck with this method and used the same bottle for several years, but over time, the plastic in disposable bottles breaks down and they have to be thrown out or recycled. I also didn’t like how easily they fall over when set on the ground. As someone who has a preference for reusable items to eliminate waste, it was time for a change.

While searching for a replacement, I found the One Bottle Hydration System on Etsy ($28). The set comes with an adapter that fits on a wide mouth Nalgene (and other types of bottles) as well as a hose, bite valve, and an insulation sleeve (note: the water bottle is not included in the hydration system so you can customize to use with your preferred bottle). I have the original 3D printed version, but the system is now sold with a more durable injection molded adapter. A one-person company, the founder was looking for an easier way to stay hydrated so he created this system. And I’m grateful that he did!

Gear Review – One Bottle Hydration System

I use this system with a 32 oz. Ultralite Nalgene bottle, which weighs much less than a traditional Nalgene – 3.9 ounces versus 6.3 ounces. The couple of additional ounces versus using the Smart Water bottle is definitely worth it to me. It’s stable and doesn’t fall over as easily, can hold boiling water, doesn’t break as easily if dropped, and is much easier to fill with a wide mouth opening. Best of all, it’s a reusable BPA-free bottle that doesn’t break down plastics over time like disposable water bottles do.

Gear Review – One Bottle Hydration System

The cap that comes with the system replaces the standard Nalgene cap and provides a much better way to use the bottle while at camp. I especially like the handle for carrying the bottle, and the smaller opening is nice for pouring water while cooking, or for drinking without spilling. The smaller cap lid closes securely so if the bottle falls over in my tent, it won’t leak. When it’s time to refill, take the cap off for a wider opening to refill without spilling water.


One Bottle Hydration System

Nalgene Ultralite Bottle


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