Review: RightOnTrek Backpacking Meals

I tried out several freeze-dried meals from RightOnTrek. Offered in one, two, and four serving sizes, these meals are more affordable than most packaged options.

RightOnTrek Backpacking Meals

Bio-Based Packaging

Instead of typical plastic packaging, these meals are provided in bio-based bags. The thought is that instead of having a plastic bag to throw away, the packaging is compostable. However, it’s not something you can toss in the compost bin (at least not in Portland where I live) so it still needs to be thrown away. Based on the fact that most people who purchase freeze-dried meals prefer to pour boiling water in the bag to let it soak, then eat straight from the bag, I’m not sure most will want to cook these meals in a pot. I prefer to eat from a pot and not a bag, so I like the idea that the bag will decompose in the landfill instead of lasting as long as plastic does.

About RightOnTrek

RightOnTrek meals are made in Montana and are available as individual meals offered in multiple sizes. They also offer a meal planner service so you can purchase all of your meals and snacks for trips based on number of days, special dietary needs or taste preferences.

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Blueberry Bliss Granola with Yogurt

RightOnTrek backpacking meal review

I really liked the flavor of this breakfast meal. After adding water and stirring, it was ready to eat. The milk powder mixed with water tasted just like milk, and the yogurt covered almonds were a nice addition to the granola and dried blueberries. It was nice to have something other than oatmeal for breakfast. Overall, I really liked this breakfast option and would buy it again.

Broccoli Beef Stroganoff

RightOnTrek backpacking meal review

I should have paid more attention when purchasing this meal since I didn’t notice it was a keto diet meal. Since it was keto, it was mainly ground beef with sauce. The broccoli bits were small and not as noticeable as I would have liked. It definitely didn’t look like the photo on the package with big chunks of broccoli. However, the flavor was very good. If I were to purchase this meal again, I would add noodles to it for more of a stroganoff meal that I would typically expect. Adding noodles would also make it two servings. Overall rating: good flavor but I wouldn’t buy again due to wanting more carbs, less meat. They do offer a stroganoff meal with pasta, which is what I should have gotten instead.

Hearty Beef Bolognese

RightOnTrek backpacking meal review

This meal has pasta, ground beef and a tomato-based sauce. Overall, the flavor was very good but the pasta was a thin noodle that could have been more substantial. I think that RightOnTrek has updated the pasta used in this meal to a much heartier penne pasta, which would be a great upgrade for this meal.

My review policy

RightOnTrek sent me this product to test and review. Regardless, I’m under no obligation to give it a favorable review. As an independent gear reviewer, my policy is to review only items that I have used on multiple backpacking or camping trips and that I feel are quality products worthy of recommending. If I don’t like a product, I send it back and don’t review or recommend it.

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