Review: UST Fillmatic Sleeping Mattress

The UST Fillmatic sleeping mat provides the ultimate in cushy comfort for sleeping on camping trips, whether used on the ground in a tent, on cots, or in a car.

UST Fillmatic sleeping mat for camping

using the UST Fillmatic pads on cots in a large tent

What I like about the UST mattress

The UST Gear Fillmatic Sleeping mat is a 4″ thick foam and air mattress that makes setting up camp easy – with a self-inflation feature that means I don’t have spend time filling it with air. Just unroll it, open the valve to inflate, and it’s ready to sleep on with minimal effort.

I use this mattress on every camping trip I go on, whether it’s in my car, on the ground in a tent, or on cots. It’s like having my bed from home with me wherever I go.

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UST Fillmatic sleeping mat for camping

this mattress is also super comfortable on the ground in a tent


  • size: regular (72″ x 25″ x 4″); extra large (80″ x 30″ x 4″)
  • weight: regular (4 lbs 11 oz); extra large (5 lbs 5 oz)
  • materials: top and side (30D stretch fabric w/ TPU coating); bottom (190T polyester w/ TPU coating)
  • price: regular $109.99; extra large $139.99
UST Fillmatic sleeping mat for camping

camping in my car has never been more comfortable!


Comfort: The combination of foam and air makes this mattress adjustable based on individual preference. Fill it all the way for a firmer feel, and release some of the air for a softer feel. I like to have it filled about 90% full for a less firm feel.

Fabric: Most air mattresses have a plastic feel, but the UST Fillmatic uses a softer stretchy fabric that feels similar to a flannel sheet.

Warmth: The warmth rating of a sleeping pad is just as important (if not more so) than a sleeping bag temperature rating in terms of keeping you warm overnight. This mattress has an R-value of 6, which is at the higher end of the industry standard rating system to indicate a pad’s ability to insulate (the range is rated from 0-7).

UST Fillmatic sleeping mat for camping

Ease of use: The two-way valve system makes setup easy. Turn the valve to inflate and it will begin to fill up with air. When it’s time to pack up, turn the valve to deflate while you press the air out. The deflate valve prevents it from refilling with air, making it easier to compress for packing. In case it doesn’t fill up all the way, I take a small air pump to inflate the pad more.

Durability: I’ve used this mattress on 15+ camping trips and have had no issues with leaks, tears, or any other functionality.

Coupling buckles: Buckles at each end of the pad allow you to combine two mattresses together.

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UST Fillmatic sleeping mat for camping


This sleeping mattress was provided to me by UST Gear for testing. However, I’m under no obligation to give it a favorable review. As an independent gear reviewer, my policy is to review only items that I have used on multiple outdoor trips and that I feel are high quality products worthy of recommending. If I don’t like a product, I send it back and don’t review or recommend it – which has happened more than once. My goal is to only share info about products that I think others would like to know more about.

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