Review: Six Moon Designs Pack Pods & Pack Liner

backpack organization using pack pods

The Six Moon Designs Pack Pods make it easy to grab your gear for a last minute trip, help to balance the load in your backpack, and keep your tent organized.

Whether you are the type who is hyper-organized, or the type who struggles with keeping things where you can find them, pack pods can be a handy solution for packing and storing gear.

I have a multitude of stuff sacks, but none are the same size or are built to work together. The Six Moon Designs Pack Pods ($45.00) are sold in sets of three and shaped to stack inside a backpack – making trip prep an easy task rather than an awkward puzzle to figure out. In addition to the large pods, they also offer a multi-size set that work for smaller bits of gear.

About Six Moon Designs

Based in Beaverton, Oregon, Six Moon Designs is a small family-owned company that makes lightweight and affordable backpacking gear. As a long distance hiker who made his own lightweight gear, the founder created the company to make gear so others could benefit from carrying less on trail.

Trip prep

Prepping for a trip can take a lot of time: finding the gear needed, figuring out how to store it, and then loading it in a backpack so it’s balanced. Keeping gear in these pods ready to grab and go can help cut down on that time so there’s more time to spend on the trail.

Here’s how I use a set of three large pods:

I place my sleeping pad and pillow in one pod to protect them both from punctures. Folding the sleeping pad instead of rolling helps it take up less space in my pack. Base layers, socks and extra clothing goes in another pod. And the third holds miscellaneous gear, including toiletries, bathroom kit, electronics, and a ditty bag.

backpack organization using pack podsbackpack organization using pack podsbackpack organization using pack pods

Once I have the three main pods packed, I stack them in my pack on top of my sleeping bag. My food bag goes in next. The Ursack bear bag I use is a similar size so it stacks well with the pods.

backpack organization using pack pods

Stay organized at camp

At camp, I unload the pods and place them in my tent so everything is within reach and easy to find.

backpack organization using pack pods

Additional pack pod sizes

I also have a set of the Six Moon Designs multi-size pods ($40.00). The smallest size is good for toiletries, and the medium for keeping all of my water filter kit together. The large is the same size as the pods shown above.

backpack organization using pack pods backpack organization using pack pods

Pack liner

Using a waterproof pack liner will protect insulated items from getting wet. This is especially important for a sleeping bag or quilt and down jackets. Made to fit most backpacks, the Six Moon Designs pack liner ($20.00) is seam sealed and utilizes a roll top closure.

backpack organization using pack pods

Since I started using these pack pods, I’ve spent less time trying to find what I need and more time enjoying time on trail and at camp.

backpack organization using pack pods

My review policy

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