Sourcing Ingredients for Making Your Own Backpacking Meals

sourcing ingredients for backpacking meals

This is a list of dehydrated or freeze-dried ingredients that can be used for making your own backpacking meals – a great way to control the quality and eliminate the additives and preservatives found in most commercial meals.

While we prefer to dehydrate as many of the ingredients as possible that are used in our recipes, there are some ingredients that are not suitable for dehydrating at home, including:

  • butter, milk, sour cream, coconut milk, and heavy cream (all are available as dried powders)
  • cheese powder and freeze-dried shredded cheese
  • sausage and bacon jerky
  • lemon and lime juice

This list is our preferred resource for these products. You may be able to find some of these items in local grocery stores, including bulk food sections, but most are only available online. And if you don’t have time for dehydrating vegetables, fruits, or grains, you could purchase dehydrated or freeze-dried ingredients instead. The overall cost of the meals will be higher, but it will definitely save time.

When purchasing dried items, pay attention to the ingredients to avoid items with preservatives and artificial ingredients. We try to buy from smaller companies that specialize in preservative-free and organic options whenever possible.

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Sourcing Ingredients

Anthony’s Goods (

Bob’s Red Mill (

Harmony House (

  • vegetables (dehydrated and freeze-dried)
  • fruit (freeze-dried)
  • beans (dehydrated)

Meat Shredz  (

Minimus (

  • travel size packets of condiments 

Mother Earth Products (

  • beans (dehydrated)
  • vegetables (dehydrated and freeze-dried)
  • fruit (freeze-dried)

North Bay Trading Company (

  • vegetables (dehydrated and freeze-dried)
  • fruit (freeze-dried)

Oberto (

Packit Gourmet (

  • vegetables (dehydrated and freeze-dried)
  • fruit (freeze-dried)
  • beans & grains (dehydrated)
  • cheese powders, egg powders, dairy powders
  • instant coffee, tea
  • condiments
  • crystallized lemon and lime powders

Savory Spice (

  • high quality dried spices and seasoning mixes

True Lemon (

Ingredients from grocery stores

Save money and time by purchasing ingredients at regular grocery stores. Many stores carry dried foods, often in a bulk section. And frozen foods work well for dehydrating – and save on prep time.

We use all of these items in the our recipes:

  • fire-roasted peppers and onions (frozen – dehydrate at home)
  • fire-roasted corn (frozen – dehydrate at home)
  • artichoke hearts (canned – dehydrate at home)
  • black olives (canned – dehydrate at home)
  • sun-dried tomatoes (not packed in oil – dehydrate at home)
  • various nuts and seeds
  • coconut oil (available in jars and individual packets)
  • freeze-dried berries
  • dried fruit
  • canned salmon (dehydrate at home)
  • mushroom powder

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