I Heart Backpacking

I Heart Backpacking: How to Get Started

Coming soon! “I Heart Backpacking: How to Get Started, with 10 Easy to Moderate Trips in Oregon and Washington”

This new book about getting started backpacking will contain a comprehensive “how-to” section, covering everything from gear to map and compass basics, and campsite selection to land ethics. Ready to go on a backpacking trip? This guidebook includes 10 easy to moderate backpacking trips in Oregon and Washington. Each trip will include at least 15 color photos, a custom full-color topography map with trails and campsites highlighted, and suggested itineraries with mileage and elevation gain for each day.


  • + hiking essentials
  • + backpacking gear
  • + map basics
  • + compass basics
  • + how to pack a pack
  • + how to plan a trip
  • + emergency preparedness
  • + basic first aid
  • + land ethics
  • + campsite selection (include example photos)
  • + using the bathroom in the backcountry
  • + info specific to women
  • + tips for getting a good night of sleep, including staying warm
  • + stoves and cooking approaches


  • + 10 easy to moderate backpacking trips in Oregon and Washington