I Heart Oregon (& Washington):
25 of the Portland Area’s Best Hikes



What’s different about this hiking book?

It’s a highly visual full-color book with 400+ photos and customized maps displayed throughout. Four pages are dedicated to each hike, which include up to 15 color photos and detailed maps featuring topography, marked trails, distances, elevation, and trail highlights. As a graphic designer, I’ve focused on making the book’s design easy to use and providing a much more visual approach to the subject than currently exists.

Who is the book for?

Anyone who loves to spend time in the outdoors. Most of the hikes covered are easy to moderate in difficulty, with only a few that are more difficult challenges. You don’t need to be an avid hiker, but I hope you will become one after exploring the areas covered in this book. Along with several hikes that are well known and popular, I’ve shown areas that are less familiar yet still have enough interesting features to make a longer drive or extra physical effort on the trail well worth it.

What areas does it cover?

Instead of trying to cover all hiking possibilities in the region, I focused on 25 hikes that I consider to be the best in the Portland region: ranging from the Oregon Coast to Mount Hood, and from Southwest Washington to Mount Jefferson.

Where to buy the book

Support local businesses! I Heart Oregon (& Washington): 25 of the Portland Area’s Best Hikes is now available at the following locations:

+ Powell’s Books

Wholesale orders

Contact Lisa Holmes for more information about wholesale discounts for retail locations and libraries.


“Finally, there’s a hiking book not written by some scruffy guy with a beard but rather by a professional graphic designer. Lisa D. Holmes of Portland is first an artist, then a hiker. Her book, “I Heart Oregon (& Washington): 25 of the Portland Area’s Best Hikes,” shows off her considerable design talents.”
– Terry Richard, The Oregonian
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“A Different Kind of Hiking Guide… The maps are the real selling point of the book. Each was hand-designed by Holmes to showcase topography, marked trails, distance, elevation and trail highlights.”
– Washington Trails magazine
(July/Aug 2014)

“Hiking Book Combines Research with Great Design… You couldn’t ask for better pre-hike research. For each trail, it looks like Holmes ripped out and annotated the most relevant sections of a USGS topo map, collected the best professional photos of the area, and stitched everything together in a stunning collage.”
– Portland Monthly