July 22, 2007

Camping at Elk Creek

Location: Elk Creek Campground

We went camping at Elk Creek with my father and stepmother, who had come all the way from Oklahoma City to Portland on their Harley. Elk Creek is in the Tillamook Forest in the Coastal Mountains. The camp sites are all in walk-in tent sites situated at the confluence of Elk Creek and the Wilson River. There are three trailheads just past the campground: Elk Mountain Trail, Wilson River Trail and the Elk Creek Trail. We walked on some of the trails to see what they look like. We had a big fire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. Dad kept putting more wood on the fire. I think he really enjoyed camping, once the tent was up. Their air mattress was the tallest I’d ever seen. It looked like a moon walk. I thought about jumping on it, but it took a long time to fill up. I really liked this camp, although I’d pick a spot next to the river or creek if possible.

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  • Any mosquitos? I just moved to SW Oregon and am loving exploring the area. It’s incredibly beautiful here!

  • Lisa Holmes

    Welcome to Oregon! There are usually no mosquitoes… unless you happen to be in the area after a hatch, which is usually in July depending on the elevation you’re at. For example, I’ve heard that in July, mosquitoes are particularly bad in the South Sister area and in the Indian Heaven Wilderness in Southwest Washington. I’ve only had one or two mosquito bites since I moved here 2-1/2 years ago. I did, however, run into a terrible biting black fly swarm in the Mt Hood area in July.