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July 4, 2012

Cape Lookout camping

Camping at Cape Lookout is something we have done twice every year for the past five years and we’re not looking to end the tradition any time soon. One thing you can count on weather-wise is that it is going to be cooler than in Portland by at least 20 degrees. This time, we were surprised by full sun and temps in the 70s so we actually were able to wear shorts and go jacket-less, at least until the evening. Anyone who visits here regularly knows what a treat that is.

The best part about camping here is the beach. Seven miles of completely undeveloped sandy beach, with a cape at one end and a spit at the other. The campground is located between Cape Lookout, which juts two miles out into the ocean, and Netarts Bay, a favorite clam digging spot at low tide. The communities of Oceanside and Netarts are just to the north. Pastimes include walking along the beach, searching for agates, watching the waves and how they change at low tide and high tide, and viewing the sunset. This is also a good spot for kite flying, and hang gliders frequently take off from the cape.

Debris from the Japanese tsunamii has started to reach the west coast and we saw quite a bit of it, although none of it was large. We mainly saw broken bits of styrofoam, which is used to insulate homes in Japan, lots of plastic bottles, and an opened can of ghee, a clarified butter product used in Indian cooking.

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