September 7, 2008

Cape Lookout camping

Location: Cape Lookout State Park, Oregon Coast

Camping at the coast means that you never really know what the weather will be like. For a week leading up to it, we checked the weather regularly and it was supposed to be in the 70s and sunny during the day and in the mid-50s overnight. As we were driving there, we noticed a big cloud that had settled in over the Cape. And the temperature kept dropping. I don’t think it ever reached 70… and it was in the high 40s overnight. We were smart enough to bring layers of clothing and we wore all of them while we were there. All two or three layers at the same time. It was also very foggy. We could only see Cape Lookout the first night. However, we still had a good time. We built a lot of campfires and even had a fire at the beach. We also discovered an area to the south end of the beach where you can do a little tidepooling at low tide.

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