September 10, 2010

Cape Lookout camping

This is our fourth summer of camping at Cape Lookout. We must really like it. We lucked out and instead of rain, we got a weekend full of sunshine and beautiful weather.

hello ocean


low minus tide

sunset the first night of camping

morning on the beach

another beautiful sunny day

our campsite

beach at sunset

looking towards Netarts Spit

low tide

Cape Lookout at sunset

sunset the second night of camping

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  • Linda Mason

    I just checked out some photos that Lindsey had done somewhere along the coast also. Both ones from her site and these are really nice.

    Made me think about the summer we spent in Bellingham and went to the local beach just south of town that was a small park. It was more of a cove and had so much wave action etched into the stones. Plus a lot of marine life. Emmett even got into the water to his knees a few times at low tide.

  • The west coast is so beautiful. Bellingham is very near the San Juan islands which also have a lot of interesting stone shapes due to wave action. When we were sea kayaking, we saw a lot of jellyfish in the water. Jellyfish and giant kelp.

    Bellingham is supposed to be heavily populated with artists… I’d like to visit there sometime.