June 22, 2008

Elk Creek Trail

Location: Tillamook State Forest, Coastal Mountains, Oregon
Distance: about 3 miles

Our dogs Sadie and Cricket joined us for this hike… we were wanting to find out how they would do hiking with us before we go camping next weekend. They didn’t do too well… both are frantic when they see other people and especially dogs. Huff, growl, bark, cry, whine… oh, and Sadie throws up a lot in the car. So, they get to go to a doggie hotel when we camp. Anyway, it was still a nice hike. It starts out at the Elk Creek campground and it is also where the trailhead for Elk Mountain is located. The hike is along Elk Creek, hence the name of the hike, and then Elk Creek forks off and the hike is along the West Fork Elk Creek until the trail begins to climb and eventually switchback and end at a junction with the Elk Mountain Trail. We didn’t make it as far as the switchbacks today. We did get to see a lot of wildflowers, including monkey flower, columbine, buttercup, anemone, violets, red paintbrush, bleeding hearts, and goatsbeard.

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