hike: Harts Cove

The Harts Cove trail heads 900 feet down through coastal forest to a large, open grassy meadow with views of Harts Cove and Chitwood Falls.

distance: 5.4 miles (out and back)
elevation gain: 1,100 ft.
difficulty: moderate
best season: this hike is only open from July 16 to December 31
drive time from Portland: 2 hours
parking pass: none
hike description: OregonHikers.org – Harts Cove hike

Note: this road to the trailhead is currently closed due to landslides. This hike can be done via the Knight’s Park or Rainforest trailheads, adding several miles each way.

Located on Cascade Head, the trail to Hart’s Cove is only open from July 16 to December 31. Part of the Nature Conservancy’s Cascade Head Preserve, researchers are working to protect the endangered Oregon silverspot butterfly, rare wildflowers, and native grasses.

Oregon Coast – Harts Cove hikeOregon Coast – Harts Cove hike

The trail loses over 900 feet of elevation as you hike from the trailhead to the shore of the coast, with the steepest section in the first half mile. Most of the hike is through a dense coastal rainforest of Sitka spruce and western hemlock with a thick understory of ferns and moss.

Oregon Coast – Harts Cove hike

The trail crosses two creeks: the first is Cliff Creek with a sturdy wood bridge, and the second is a bridgeless crossing of Chitwood Creek. The former bridge was washed out and still laying in the creek just down from the crossing. Sea lions can be heard barking loudly, but we never did see them.

Oregon Coast – Harts Cove hike Oregon Coast – Harts Cove hike Oregon Coast – Harts Cove hike

At about 2.5 miles, the trail leaves the forest and heads steeply down a large meadow to the base of the headland overlooking the ocean.

Oregon Coast – Harts Cove hike Oregon Coast – Harts Cove hike Oregon Coast – Harts Cove hike

Follow a side trail to a spectacular view of Hart’s Cove, with Chitwood Creek cascading as a waterfall into the ocean. The water is a deep blue-green color, with waves crashing against the steep cliff walls of the cove.

Oregon Coast – Harts Cove hike Oregon Coast – Harts Cove hike

On the day that we were here, a whale was hanging out near the coastline.

Oregon Coast – Harts Cove hike

That’s a whale in the center of the photo below. : )

Oregon Coast – Harts Cove hike