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November 14, 2010

Horsetail, Ponytail, Oneonta & Triple Falls

When the rainy season begins, there’s no place better to be than in the Columbia River Gorge. With the low misty clouds, rocky cliffs and evergreens, the Gorge takes on the look of a traditional Chinese watercolor painting.

A slightly rainy day is a great time to hike to Triple Falls… and beyond to the mossy green world beside Oneonta Creek.

This hike begins at Horsetail Falls, which is right on the old Columbia River Highway. After several switchbacks, walk behind Ponytail Falls and see where the creek drops off to create Horsetail Falls and then off to join the Columbia River. The Oneonta Gorge and Falls is next, although the bigger falls are not visible from the trail, another waterfall is in great view from the bridge. Past this, and quite a few switchbacks up rocky trails, is Triple Falls. Our favorite area is just past Triple Falls…  over the new bridge to a super mossy green wonderland. We stopped here for a snack and spent time exploring along the creek before heading back.

Horsetail Falls

Ponytail Falls

misty trail

Oneonta Gorge

waterfall on Oneonta Creek

Triple Falls

Oneonta Creek, just above Triple Falls

Oneonta Creek from the bridge

mossy wonderland

the creek just before it goes over Triple Falls

misty mountains

the grotto


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