September 4, 2010

Jefferson Park & Mount Jefferson

Our first hike in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness: 10 miles with 1,800 ft. elevation gain. Our destination: Jefferson Park, a lake and wildflower filled basin at about 6,000 ft elevation at the base of Mount Jefferson. After our hike, we stayed at a newly renovated motel in Detroit, Oregon.

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  • Linda

    Lisa, I just checked these out. Must have been a very good day. I assumed that was not your camping tent in one of the photos.

    • It was a great day. No, that’s not our tent… we haven’t tried backpacking yet. It would be hard to lug all that gear in, but it does look very appealing.

  • Marcia

    What a beautiful sky! I so miss clouds here in LA where the skies are flat and cloudless. Sigh. Looks beautiful.

  • Thanks Marcia. We were wishing for a few less clouds that day. When we were driving towards the trailhead, the mountain was in clear view. By the time we were on the ridge next to it, though, it was hiding in the clouds and only partially came out.