July 12, 2008

Koosah Falls, McKenzie River, Sahalie Falls, Clear Lake

Location: Williamette National Forest, Central Oregon, Hwy 126

We were on a long drive from Eugene to Sisters and stopped along the way to view along the McKenzie River. Koosah Falls drops 80 to 120 feet in segments. Sahalie Falls is a 140 foot plunge through a cleft in basalt rock into a plunge pool. In Native American Chinook language, Koosah means “sky or heaven” and Sahalie means “top, upper, sky and heaven”. The McKenzie is an amazingly strong and beautiful river with icy cold blue rapids rushing by as you walk on the path from one waterfall to the next. Clear Lake (100 ft. deep) is just up the road from the waterfalls. It was formed 3,000 years ago when lava flows created a dam on the McKenzie River. Since the water is so clear, it is a popular spot for scuba diving.

Koosah Falls

McKenzie River

Sahalie Falls

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