August 20, 2009

Lost Lake

Camping, hiking and paddle-boating at Lost Lake. Mmmm.

Lost Lake is a natural lake in the Cascades with old growth forest, campgrounds, hiking trails and a killer view of Mount Hood. It is a very popular spot in the summer, so we went on a Thursday thinking that we’d have our choice of campsites, preferably a lakeside location. Instead we managed to get the last campsite available. It wasn’t by the lake and didn’t have a picnic table, but we were there. After setting up camp, we rented a paddle boat and spent an hour on the lake. The next day, we hiked up to Lost Lake Butte, which has an even better view of Mount Hood, plus Mount Adams, Mount Jefferson and Mount Rainier. The forest is filled with rhododendrons and would be very nice to see when they are blooming. Back at the campground, we also hiked along the Old Growth Trail, which has a half-mile boardwalk through old growth cedars. Overall, I think we hiked 8 miles and we still didn’t begin to cover all of the trails around us.

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