trip reports

August 16, 2014

Mount Rainier: Snow Lake

Distance: 2.9 miles roundtrip
Elevation gain: 700 ft.
Location: Mount Rainier National Park

A hike in a lake-filled basin at the base of the Tatoosh Range in the Mount Rainier National Park. My camera batteries died a short way in, so the rest of the photos were taken with my GPS unit. This area is definitely worthy of another trip, but next time I’ll be more prepared with camera batteries and mosquito repellent.

Mount Rainier: Snow Lake Mount Rainier: Snow Lake Mount Rainier: Snow Lake snow-lake-august-2014-04 snow-lake-august-2014-05 snow-lake-august-2014-06 snow-lake-august-2014-07 snow-lake-august-2014-08