June 15, 2008

Storey Burn Trail

Location: Coastal Mountains, Tillamook State Forest, Oregon
Distance: about 6 miles total
Elevation gain: about 800 feet overall

After driving through the coastal mountains the previous weekend on the way back from the coast, I wanted to hike somewhere along Highway 6. We were going to do the Gales Creek trail, but it was closed due to massive flooding last winter that took out 3 miles of trail. The Storey Burn trail was open, so we hiked it instead. The coastal mountains and forests have a really different feel from most of the hikes we do in the Gorge. The trail starts at Gales Creek campground in a forest of Alder trees along the creek. It rises over the creek on the side of a mountain covered with bright green sword ferns and the forest changes to mixed conifers, mostly Douglas Firs. After .8 miles, there is a junction and this is where the Storey Burn trail begins. All through the hike, the trail is up and down in an undulating fashion. The trail is also used by mountain bikers and it looks like it would be strenuous, but fun. It was surprisingly tiring just hiking it. We went as far as a waterfall and then turned to go back.