July 26, 2008

Tom Dick Harry Mountain

Date: July 26, 2008
Location: Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon
Distance: 5.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,700 ft.

It was a very overcast, cloudy day for this hike, so we didn’t get the great views of Mount Hood that we saw last July when we did the same hike, however, being in the clouds has a different kind of appeal. It’s one and a half miles to Mirror Lake, and from there about another 2 miles to the summit of Tom Dick Harry Mountain. Since there was so much snowfall this past winter, the rhododendrons and wildflowers were blooming later than usual. We passed a lizard of some type and a huge banana slug. When we reached the summit, there was a very pesky, greedy chipmunk that wouldn’t leave us alone. The elevation at the summit is just over 5,000 feet and normally there are views of several other Cascade mountains.

forest full of rhododendrons

old rockslide along the trail


foggy day with no views

Mirror Lake

salamander that scurried across in front of me and scared the be-jesus out of me

rhododendrens: an Oregon native

large rock cairn ahead on the trail

bear grass

the summit of Harry of Tom Dick Harry Mountain

super greedy chipmunk

looking back at the summit

interesting bridge along the trail

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